Case Studies: Apparel


The Before

When Everbrand came to us, we had mixed feelings as a team about a one-product shop with little to no lifetime value. But they did have such a unique value add and so many positive customer reviews. It was clear they had built a tribe, so we decided to give it a try. The client specifically requested that we work on creatives as they were unhappy with how their brand was represented in their current ads.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Took current raw assets of videos and photos and started creating
    many different versions of ads to beat out prior top performers
  2. Started testing other interest, Lookalike, and general targeting
  3. Combined all tests into a prior campaign which had spent significantly
    in the past (thus holding more learnings)
  4. Optimized out creatives up to twice per day according to performance
  5. While keeping “purchase” as the conversion event, we used the data to
    start optimizing the account manually toward low cost per initiate
    checkouts for a faster feedback loop
  6. Used impulse buy audiences
  7. Started retargeting on additional levels the client had not formerly
The Results

✓ Decreased cost per sale down 37.5%
✓ Increased budgets by 35% within 3 weeks while maintaining performance at goal
✓ Refreshed creatives successfully with new on-brand vibe


Decreased CA


Increased ROAS


Increased Ad Spend


Creatives On Brand


The Before

When we first started working with Christina, she was spending $15 to $20/day total, but her tribe was strong. It was very interesting to see every time we turned ads on, she had sales come in, though not always attributed to Facebook. If our Facebook ads were off, she would go days or weeks without direct sales. So we saw value both inside and outside of Facebook’s platform. Luckily, Facebook loved her brand and consistently charged around $6 CPM’s or lower.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Started with LAL’s on a static list of purchases all time combined amongst her two regions of Australia and United Kingdom
  2. Mixed in groups of interest based targeting
  3. Ran warm traffic every 3 weeks or so for a short time as the events populated, but would saturate even at small budgets quickly
  4. Worked on video creatives to show movement & use of her products as well as portray the brand vibe
  5. Used the two or three promotions run per year as a foundation to slowly grow our data
  6. Mixed this data back into the campaigns to make them smarter and more efficient in spend
  7. Eventually branched out to lookalikes per country with warm consistently live
The Results

✓ Scaled budgets 16X+ YoY with consistent profitability
✓ Maintained 3X+ ROAS blended on first time purchasers
✓ Stabilized spend & ROAS to drive consistent daily sales


Increased Ad Spend


Account ROAS


Average Order Value


YoY Buisness Growth