Case Studies: Beauty

PUR Cosmetics

The Before

PUR had done very little testing on cold or warm traffic, but had a ton of data from being in business over 10 years. The traffic they had run was focused on branding and engagement rather than performance. They wanted to know what was possible from a performance perspective on paid social traffic.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Gave the account direction by using highly targeted lookalike audiences to help the algorithm get to know the target audience.
  2. Took current assets and spliced up new videos
  3. Monetized the large organic following they had by running a budget
    heavy retargeting strategy
  4. Set up and scaled DPA sustainably to ⅓ of the accounts sales volume
  5. Focused on “clean” messaging while showing versatility of the product
The Results

✓ Tripled account ROAS
✓ Doubled the volume of sales over previous 6 months
✓ Dropped cost per ATC by 60% on cold traffic
✓ 65% increase on cold traffic ROAS


Increased ROAS on FB|IG


Increased Volume of Sales


Cost per ATC


Increase Cold Traffic ROAS


The Before

Every time Hairstory tried to scale their ads, the profit margins dropped. No one was focusing on creative despite having tons of content. The videos they were running were pixelated and low quality. And much of the targeting was combining countries that should in theory have very different costs associated to each. This made their spend inefficient.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Moved outside targeted lookalikes to broader audiences
  2. Took current assets and spliced up new videos
  3. Tested direct to 3rd party press features like Forbes
  4. Scaled country by country with individual campaigns to control CPM’s
  5. Focused on social proof messaging
The Results

✓ Increased spend by 52%
✓ Decreased cost per sale by 15%
✓ Increased # of purchases by 59%
✓ Increase ROAS by 17%


Increased Ad Spend


Decreased CAC


Cost per ATC


Increase Account ROAS

Araceli Beauty

The Before

When Araceli came to us, they had experienced some of the largest swings in performance we had ever seen. MoM they had swung from under 1% conversion rate to above 25% conversion rate with no obvious changes, product launches, promotions, etc…The one metric that stood out to us was an unusually low click through rate.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Our theory was that the algorithm had shifted us away from more premium
    inventory, so we needed to reset it
  2. We started testing creatives rapidly
  3. We focused messaging around the founder’s personal story and around the
    specific features we read positive reviews about which we found were
    unique elements of these products in the industry
  4. We tested audiences multiple times per week, not waiting for statistical
    relevant data, but rather continually refreshing
    heavy retargeting strategy
The Results

✓ Increased CTR from .33% to 1.61% on cold traffic
✓ Increased overall CTR from .34% to 1.07%
✓ Increased ROAS from 2.2 to 3.01 over 2 months time


Inreased CTR on Cold Traffic


Increased CTR Overall


Increased Account ROAS


Decreased CAC