Case Studies: Consumer Goods


The Before

The client had just come away from a very successful Indiegogo campaign, but with little success on direct to consumer paid Facebook strategies. They were utilizing lead gen as a primary prospecting method, believing the buyer’s cycle was too long to run a direct sales campaign on Facebook ads. They were also not tapping any conversion campaigns for warm traffic.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Immediately started monetizing their current user base through retargeting campaigns
  2. Setup campaigns with the goal of driving a purchase with Lookalikes
  3. Branched out to General Targeting once the pixel was truly warmed up with our new setup
  4. Started tracking the cost per initiate checkout and cost per add to cart necessary to drive the desired ROAS results
  5. Ultimately started optimizing ads & audiences according to these front end metrics for a faster feedback loop
  6. Developed messaging specific for multiple avatars to access inventory
  7. Consistently tested new creative, refreshing faster than a truly statistically relevant data cycle to gain reach and premium inventory
The Results

✓ 4X’d Ad Spend while maintaining profitability
✓ Modeled out a 12 month spend and profitability plan due to high seasonality
✓ Powered brand revenue growth 3.4X YoY


Increased Sales H2


Increased Ad Spend


Achieved Yearly ROAS goals


YoY Revenue Growth


The Before

Shhhowercap was off to a great start when we started working with them. But they had hit a bump in the road where the more they tried to scale, the lower their profit margins. They wanted to keep complete control over the creative process, so we knew to attack audiences, account structure, and buying methods.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Tested General Targeting to move outside the seemingly saturated lookalike audiences
  2. Took static data, spliced it up into 10 groups of buyers, and ran lookalikes
    on each static set – some of which were winners
  3. Looked into past high performing audiences and creatives, and retested
  4. Consistently pulled former top performing pre-approved creatives to refresh
  5. Uncovered that women 55+ had been cut out of the mix, but were top
    performing groups from a ROAS perspective
  6. Drew trendlines to uncover a direct correlation between Facebook spend
    and Google performance & volume on brand terms
The Results

✓ Scaled budgets from $45K to over $300K/month while remaining within goals
✓ Scaled up to $750K seasonally at client direction for growth
✓ Grew monthly unit sales from under 3K to over 15K


Increased Ad Spend


Monthly Unit Sales


Decreased CAC


YoY Revenue Growth


The Before

The client came to us after performing well for over 6 months, then slowly dipping in the wrong direction.Their business was seasonal with summer traditionally a slower time, and we started working with them in March. They were consciously moving away from some core brand messaging that had been top performing. And they had run warm audiences hard for a few weeks leading up to our takeover which were then saturated. We had our work cut out for us.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. We invested in cold traffic to build up the funnel despite performance not
    looking good
  2. We noticed performance would trend up, then drop off on almost any
    audience or creative launch, so we started tracking this
  3. Based on the above data, we cut & launched creatives & audiences based
    on the historical trendlines, and not the data we saw in the platform
  4. Due to warm traffic not performing strongly enough to always support the
    cold investment, we developed interest audiences for users with impulse
  5. Implemented very high budgets with very low cost caps and vice versa
The Results

✓ Successful in bringing performance back up to goal
✓ Successfully replaced former outdated brand messaging with new “top performers”
✓ Were able to start scaling budgets earlier than expected with seasonality


Increased Ad Spend


Increased Cold Traffic Profitably


New Top Performing Creatives


Increased Seasonal Performance