Case Studies: Online Education

Retirement Researcher

The Before

Retirement Researcher was created as the first product to ever focus on retirement income planning in a do-it-yourself way. The vision was to create the TurboTax of retirement investments. When we came in, the product was in pre-launch phase. The goal was to build the email list up for launch. The cost per leads were coming in at $75-$150, but the goal was closer to $10.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Created video ads with numbered lists and “scroll-stopping” images/
  2. A/B tested 5 different core hooks on 5 different landing pages
  3. After determining the winning messaging, we tested multiple creatives
The Results

✓ Optimized cost per lead down to under $8 consistently
✓ Scaled budgets to 4-figures per day
✓ Exceeded lead count goal for the launch


Decreased CPL


Increased Ad Spend


Lead Count Goal


Backend Sales Goals

Enriched Academy

The Before

Enriched Academy had started out on Facebook with initial success, making money, and scaling. Then they hit a wall. Campaigns were driving diminishing returns. They needed to create a new ad account when they parted ways with their former agency. And the flow they had been running profitably was not converting well. We Determined that warm traffic was converting around the same, but the issues was coming from cold traffic. Both click through rates and conversion rates were low leading us to believe that FB had lost the pulse on who their ideal customer was.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. Took current data to hone in on hyper targeted lookalikes based on low
    funnel, high value events
  2. Re-spliced the best performing creatives historically in new ways, faster
    frames, and more visual elements of text overlay
  3. Honed in on a very aggressive optimization window based on a fast
    feedback loop of cost per lead rather than cost per sale
  4. Launched creatives up to 3X per day to ride the correct wave within the
    platform each day with the auction
  5. Constantly brainstormed new creative ideas to continually unlock new
    subsets of audiences
The Results

✓ Scaled FB budgets by 8X
✓ Increased profit margins by 2.5X
✓ Increased overall revenue from $16K to $200K


Increased Ad Spend


Increased Profit Margins


Increased Sales Revenue


Daily Creative Changes