Case Studies: SAAS/B2B


The Before

The founder of Prescyrpto had been introduced to us through a friend. They were creating a blockchain platform on which doctors could issue digital prescriptions in Mexico specifically. We were very hesitant to take them on because of our lack of experience in the Mexican market, and the lack of refinement we would have working in Spanish (a second language for most of the Rubato team.) But we decided to dive in and try.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. A/B tested interest based targets specifying the types of doctors most likely to utilize the platform with lookalike audiences based on their current user list
  2. Tested several sets of messaging and creatives, with some having a very heavy focus on user testimonials
  3. When we saw a low conversion rate coming through, but a great CTR, we advised the client to revamp the flow which we found they were already working on
  4. Went back to test more broad “doctor” related keywords against the lookalike audiences with the top performing creatives & messaging
The Results

✓ 10X lead count in 3 weeks
✓ Decreased cost per lead 95% from the average on Google search
✓ Decreased the cost per active user by 30%
✓ Exceeded quarter goals in 30 days


Increased Lead Count


Decreased CPL


Decreased Cost Per Active User


Exceeded quarter goal in 30 days


The Before is an AI powered software that allows business owners to send every single person a customized newsletter without lifting a finger. Our goal was to get at least 500 users on a waiting list through Facebook and Google. We knew the main challenge would be targeting the decision makers of businesses on Facebook, and figuring out what keywords to target on Google for a product that had never existed before.

What We Did
Facebook Ads:
  1. We researched an extensive list of conferences, softwares, groups, and
    influencers keywords that would most likely align with our target
    decision makers for Facebook
  2. Continually developed new creatives to test different messaging sets
    and visuals
  3. Learned that messaging + video pairs were swinging performance up
    to 11X, so we gravitated toward a more strict creative A/B testing
    process with every messaging set tested on every creative
  4. After launch, gradually optimized the messaging based on signals the
    client was getting on the backend with true engagement
Google Ads:
  1. We started out with extremely broad keywords on Google to understand of the people who did end up signing up for the waitlist, what were the actual search terms?
  2. Honed in on these search terms to start building out more elaborate keyword lists
  3. Manually bid to gain as much impression share as possible to control the auction
  4. After launch, gradually optimized keywords based on signals the client was getting on the backend with true engagement
The Results

✓ Hit strong results that allowed us to double budgets within 3 days of
going live
✓ 5X’d budgets over 3 months
✓ Consistently hit cost per lead goals
✓ Exceeded # of leads desired for launch
✓ Drove account creations for under $25


Increased Ad Spend


Achieved All CPL Goals


Exceeded # of Lead Goal


Cost Per Account Creations