Case Studies

There are two things that make a great case study in our industry. The first thing is a good product. We are so grateful to work with incredible brands who are innovating their industries and loved by their customers! The second thing is great work on our part. Our work stems from passion, and there is nothing the Rubato team loves more than driving growth and success for our clients through marketing.

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CPG has become one of Rubato’s largest niche’s naturally. We work with bootstrapped clients we launched from day 1 to clients worth over $1B. Our media playbook is full from this vast experience.


Rubato’s beauty clients are innovating the industry with cleaner, more convenient, more effective and more cost efficient beauty choices, and they are growing! We are so proud of our partner beauty brands.

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Consumer Goods

Connecting users to new products is one of our favorite things. Every business is so different, and marketing strategies have to be fully customized.


Bye-bye window shopping! Product discovery now happens primarily online. Presentation of brand is 50% of the battle. The other 50% is harnessing account data to build scalable target audiences.

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Online Education

Creating a smooth flow, tracking every step, and attributing backend sales properly are essential for high performing & scalable campaigns in the online education vertical. But messaging is where the real power lies.


Though not originally a primary vertical for us, we have had a lot of success with B2B companies. We deeply think through where the user is in the funnel, carefully construct messaging, and build campaigns to support the flow.

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