Creative Portfolio


Beauty is an industry that is finally being innovated after decades of staying the same. Brands are developing products with more shades, less waste, more environmentally friendly, cleaner, and products overall easier and quicker to use. It’s so fun to be a part of this! The tricky part is the harsh competition. If our clients don’t resonate with their customers, and quickly, their competitors will. So our job is to tell their story loud and clear.


Creating Irresistible Ads

PÜR boasts the most makeup shades in the industry! They are in 4000+ retailers, but they had never seen consistent results on paid media. Despite having a massive amount of photos, videos and content to use, their ads and messaging had never been a focus point.

Through consistent creative and messaging testing and refreshing, we were able to triple their ROAS over a 45-day period for consistent results above goal. It really was that simple.


Storytelling Through Creatives

We were approached by a privately funded, 1-year-old brand, Araceli Beauty. They offer mesmerizing makeup palettes, eyelash extensions and makeup brushes to a largely American-Hispanic market. The co-founder, Celi Ledesma, is Mexican-American with a passion for makeup and beauty.

After experiencing a roller coaster of performance, they had been in a performance slump for a couple of months. We pinpointed that despite having a great brand story, the CTR on their ads were extremely low. Through heightened story-telling and consistent creative testing, we 3X’d the CTR within 60 days.


Appealing to Social Proof

PiperWai was a Shark Tank success with sky-high repurchase rates. However, their paid media programs were suffering, especially with CTR’s on creatives. Unfortunately, despite having access to beautiful on-brand photos and produced videos, the prior agency was running generic stock photos of people exercising with no clear information on what the product was anywhere in the text, headline or image.

Rubato pumped out multiple creatives per week, refreshing both cold and warm for an on-brand experience. This tripled the CTR within 30 days.