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Consumer Goods

In many cases, there is no big change between first time purchase value and lifetime value. This creates the need to drive immediate ROAS . The data feedback loop is often very slow due to the amount of spend required to know if the ads are successful. So knowing the front end metrics necessary for success and optimizing ads for those has been a big factor in our success for our clients in this vertical.

Air Oasis

Engaging Headlines Drive Clicks

Speaking technically, Air Oasis Air Purifiers are some of the best air purifiers on the market. The problem is that several competitors are ahead with high marketing spend and pretty presentations of inferior products. Educating the consumer about the superior nature of the product in an absorbable way has been our consistent challenge.

Through conducting constant creative tests, we found two ad / messaging formats that consistently outperformed others, successfully educating and bringing users through the funnel.

The results over a 5 month period of time were 2.5X’d ROAS.


Leveraging Eye-Catching Video and Images

Blix Bikes is one of the more renowned brands for quality and customer service, as well as style in the eBike world.

eBikes tend to have several very distinct avatars including college students, commuters, young moms & dads, and senior citizens. We learned that by creating specific messaging sets for each avatar, then letting those run side by side within the same audiences, we were indeed accessing & targeting those completely different segments of the audiences. This was apparent in the age & gender breakdown reports as well as performance.