Creative Portfolio


One of our favorite books related to selling food (online or offline) is “Competing Against Luck” by Clayton Christensen. It dives into the job your customer is trying to do when buying your product. People are not just filling their stomachs or getting the right nutrients when they buy food. They are wanting to feel a certain way, and/or have a certain experience.

Mrs. Fields

Talking With, Not To Customers

As one of the giants of the sweet baked goods industry, Mrs. Fields benefits from higher brand recognition than most.

By reading through pages of reviews and Instagram posts from customers, we discovered why people were obsessed with Mrs. Fields cookies. They were describing giving them to people, microwaving them the perfect amount of time, using whipped cream, hiding them from their boyfriends, or how much their mother always loved these.

Rather than say, “Mrs. Fields Cookies, 20% Off”, we started writing copy and creating videos/creatives that connected to these real customer experiences. The performance results were strong, and more importantly, a stronger connection was being made with their customers.


Continually Refreshing Creatives

SmartSweets is one of the first candy brands to kick sugar naturally at scale. They have built and continue to build an engaged and loyal tribe through their overall brand presence and fun organic social media strategies.

When they first came to us, these organic strategies were not being mirrored in their paid ads strategies. In fact, the last creative refresh had been over 3 months prior with dated messaging. We were able to use videos & photos produced by their internal teams as well as user-generated content to splice up and consistently refresh creatives (at least once every four weeks.) We see performance jump up to 3X on these refreshes.


Experimenting with Different Ad Formats

Banza’s distinctive brand voice draws attention and excitement to their new & healthy take on a classic food staple, pasta! Having focused on in-store sales prior to working with us, they had not tested sufficiently to understand their benchmarks or what messaging, products or flows performed best for eCommerce.

Upon launching a performance strategy, we quickly saw that conversion rates were the main friction point holding us back. While waiting on resources to test out flows & landing pages, we created Instant Experience ads. These are mini landing page ads within Facebook’s platform that help streamline the user flow. Immediately, we were able to double Banza’s conversion rate with ROAS following.