Episode 12: How Rubato Learns Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing can be very exhilarating. It is so fast-paced and is constantly changing, but because of this, it can also cause a lot of confusion and frustration. Because there are so many options, it’s easy to wonder if you are doing things the best way possible. 

There will always be new articles and pieces of information you just can’t seem to get to, but there are some key ways you can stay on top of it. So today, we are going to share the 6 main ways we gather information and share that within our team to better serve you!



1. Podcasts

Podcasts are one of our favorites! We actually had a client recommend the top 2 we listen to and those are The Ecommerce Influence and Perpetual Traffic. The last two are relatively new to us, but we already love them!  These are great for an everyday run, walk, or wind-down, and give you all the latest news and strategies in Digital Marketing.

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast by Austin Brawner

Hosted by Austin Brawner, The Ecommerce Influence helps entrepreneurs build wealth and live more fulfilled lives. On this podcast, you can expect weekly interviews with world-class eCommerce operators, deep dives into what’s working right now, and a refreshing break from the “crush-it-culture” plaguing the industry.

This podcast has a mix of Digital Marketing trends with one host specializing in Facebook, and the other in email. 



Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer

Hosted by Ralph Burns (owner of Tier 11 Agency) and Amanda Powell, Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast where the duo share cutting-edge strategies for acquiring leads and sales for your business through paid traffic.

The Paid Search Podcast | A Weekly Podcast About Google Ads and Online Marketing by Chris Schaeffer & Jason Rothman

Hosted by Google Adwords experts and Google Partners, Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman, this podcast talks pay per click, Google Ads, online marketing, and how to advertise your business effectively. 

This podcast is very search-focused and a big favorite from our media buyers!

ECommerce Playbook – Numbers, Struggles, & Growth by Andrew Faris from The Common Thread Collective

Week-over-week, join Andrew Faris, CEO of 4×400, where he shares real-life numbers, struggles, and everything in between when running multiple eCommerce businesses.

This podcast was also recommended by a client and has tons of information on eCommerce and the reality of launching an eCommerce business. 


2. Learning Events & Materials

This is super broad so we will describe to you our exact process of finding the right events and materials.

This method includes gathering information from trade shows, books, webinars, trainings, and courses. But we don’t just find any of these to learn from, we look into reputable versions of them from trusted sources. 

For example, while listening to our favorite podcasts such as Perpetual Traffic or The Ecommerce Influence, we might hear a book recommended and we read it. We may even hear about a trade show, and we go! Within the book, we might hear of another book or even hear about another trade show from the one we already attended.

Eventually, with this, you can begin to build up several resources of knowledge and constantly stay updated in the industry.


3. People

Getting connected with people is so SO important and is an easy way to gather information. At Rubato, we have a connection with all of our clients whether that’s from Slack or having weekly touchpoints. Our clients each have teams of people that are constantly learning as well and testing things on the business side (that we aren’t always privy to on the front-end) so this provides a valuable perspective.

Don’t underestimate what you can learn even from the network around you!


4. Learning Environments

This leads us to our fourth way of information gathering, which is to create those learning environments yourself in any way you can. Within our small team, we are always coming across information and teaching each other what we know.

This may not naturally happen, so to create it, take the space and time for your group to share the information. At Rubato, we host Rubato Inspiration, where our team members present to the group something they are really passionate about or what is inspiring them.

In addition, we have some Slack channels created just for learning. For example, we have some conversations on our Google Forum, our Facebook Forum, or our Reporting Forum, where people in the team can drop articles, facts, or research about Digital Marketing topics.


5. Blogs

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how valuable blogs can be. Now, to be honest, generally, it can be challenging to take time out to read several blogs and articles, but when you do have a chance, it is a great resource.

Some of the blogs we tune into are SEM Rush and Ad Espresso by Hootsuite, which act as an update on new industry information, but also as a good training resource.


6. Social Media

Last but not least is social media. Although you may want to fact-check some of the news you see on social media, if you garner the right group of pages, this is a quick way to stay in touch with the platform, ad, and social news. 

This can begin to develop from the rest of the five resources mentioned above. Once you find the right podcasts, books, and pages for you, you can start following the hosts and authors, who typically are sharing on all channels. Getting the right network on sites like Linkedin can also aid in your search.

Some pages we love:



So there you have it! What do you use to learn up on Digital Marketing?



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