Episode 16: How to Increase Your Volume of Facebook Creatives

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It’s no secret, you need a variety of creatives to test well with the Facebook algorithm, but how do you do that? We’re going to lie, it’s tough. But creatives are powerful, so we can’t ignore them.

With the Facebook algorithm moving through creatives as fast as a day or two, it is imperative to be able to scale your creative production. As always, we have some tips on how we do this efficiently. And no, you won’t have to have fancy production or even a degree in video editing. Take a look.




Our 4 Hacks for Increasing Creative Volume

Relaunch Old Creatives

We launch old creatives. We look back to even 24 months and take a look at the top creatives and repost them (even as post ID’s), so that we get all the social proof.

Usually, creatives have a curve in performance, sometimes up, sometimes down, so we may pause them out when they are going down. But if those paused ads haven’t been run in a few months, go ahead and relaunch!


Mix & Match Copy/Headline

Our second tip is to follow tip one, but mix and match the headlines and copy of these ads. Yes, this is what we call hitting two birds with one stone!

You can either take your top copy now and put them on historically well-performing ads, or you can write new copy with the same videos. Copy matters, don’t underestimate its power!



Looking Through Organic Feeds

Many advertisers forget to make the connections between paid and organic media. We recently had a lot of success from pulling what organic posts had a lot of engagement and using that as an ad. 

Clients spend a lot of money on designers, influencers, and videos for organic feeds, and they miss the connection and impact that has on paid media. Just from pulling an organic video into paid ads, we were able to over double ROAS in the entire account of one of our clients!

Note: If the post you want to pull already has a CTA in it, you can pull it in with the post ID or if not, you can just download the asset from the post and pair it with better performing copy.


Relaunch Ads That Work & Ads That Don’t Work

The last tip is centered again around relaunching. The first aspect of this is to relaunch what is working best in the account. Even if it’s not working as well as you’d like, you can relaunch and possibly get a spike in performance.

Then, you can also relaunch ads that haven’t worked well in the past. Look in the past 30 to 60 days and identify any new creatives you’ve created, and relaunch them to see if you can get more social proof behind them. If you launch an ad 2-3 times, occasionally something will take off suddenly, and you may get a more premium inventory.




There you have it, those are our 4 small tips to bring a big impact on your Facebook creative volume. Do you have any tips and tricks for launching more creatives without having to put in so much more effort? Let us know in the comments!

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