Episode 17: How to Run & Structure Facebook Creatives

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We’ve been talking a lot about how to construct the perfect creative, but we wanted to take a moment to talk about how to actually run your creatives. 

After iOS 14.6, audiences have become less and less potent, which means your creatives have to be more potent to attract the right audience.

 Keep reading to learn how you can get the most power out of your ads!




6 Ways to Run Your Ads in Your Account


1. Run Your Ads in a System

It is easy to look at all of your ads as a unit rather than as units operating in a system. However, it is key to notice this!

You may have video ads that may not have high Conversion Rates or trackable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), but they are bringing in a ton of reach which is informing the customers about the product and bringing in higher brand awareness for new customers. 

Then, you might have gifs or statics that really bring in the sale. Each creative does not work in a silo! They all have their strengths that help the overall product sell.


2.Cross-Test Creatives to Learn

Avoid testing different creatives in different audiences. When you test unique creatives, coupled with a unique audience, it is hard to distinguish if the creatives are working better or a particular audience is working better.

Are the top performing creatives in one audience going to perform well in another audience? Does just anything work well in that particular “best performing” audience?To combat the confusion, test similar ads (with a mix of statics, gifs, videos, and copy) in the same audience. Until you cross-test, you won’t have a good idea of why an ad works.

Note: When cross-testing, you still want to run these creatives in the same layer of traffic. You don’t want to run the same ads in your cold campaign, in your warm campaign.


3. Don’t Test Too Many Creatives in Your Ad Set 

Our golden rule is that if you are testing more than 4 creatives in an ad set, cut down. That is usually too much to get the learnings for smaller budgets. 

Unless you have larger budgets, it is not efficient to run more than 4 ads in a given ad set. The Facebook algorithm will typically choose 2-3 ads that it prefers anyway, and leave the rest out.

Unfortunately, you won’t know which ones the algorithm chooses, so that is why testing more can be an overkill. 

You can still test up to 10 creatives if you wanted to, just make sure to concentrate the spend on 2-3 ads at a time. Every cycle, replace the low performers with more test creatives and keep cycling until you’ve tested them all.


4. Don’t Test Too Few Creatives in Your Ad Set 

So tip #4 is opposite of #3 – it is also not good to test too few creatives in an ad set. Sometimes we see advertisers chisel down the creatives to only the top creatives, but this only gives Facebook one option. 

Facebook’s algorithm loves options. Even when Facebook chooses to spend money on one ad and the rest are barely bringing in traffic, still present a few options. We have seen over the years that there is something Facebook likes about this approach, so leave options even if some aren’t performing well.

If it doesn’t have options, it tends to feel constricted and not want to spend on the ads if there are no options to learn from.


5. Make Your Customer’s Process EASY

One of the biggest mistakes advertisers can make when it comes to creatives is making it hard for customers to understand the product, and having them do more work to search for the value.

You typically have 1.5-2 seconds to present the value of your product and grab the consumers attention before they swipe – don’t waste it! Make sure the value is obvious. Ask yourself:

  • What problem does my product solve?
  • Why should my customers care?
  • What message do I want to get across?

Showcase the answers to these questions in your creatives, in the copy, and in the headlines.


6. Test Different Links

Different pages convert in different ways. These different pages could be your homepage, your about page, or even a direct product page. When linking landing pages to your ads, test more to see which ones actually convert.

You may be surprised at what you find! We’ve found that this sometimes brings in double or triple the traffic than other links.



So there you have it! These are 6 things you can check with your ads right now to improve your creative structure. Have any of these worked for you?

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