How we work

Our clients are our partners. Period. If we start a business relationship with a new client, we do our utmost best to spend their money as we would our own, approach their marketing problems as our own, and work for growth as if the business were our own.

Goals Based.

Everything we do is goals based. We run completely different strategies across our clients’ accounts to align with their particular goals. No two accounts are the same.


We track 72 metrics daily with comparison stats on 4 different time frames in our custom dashboards. As performance changes, we are able to pinpoint metrics changing and zone in to work on those areas.


There are hundreds of “plays” so to speak in our playbook. Depending on what we have pinpointed as opportunities for the week, we pull from our playbook to execute strategies that have worked well in similar situations or logically can combat current roadblocks to growth.


We are 100% transparent with our strategies to our clients. On biweekly calls we explain what we are doing, and discuss strategy moving forward.


Collaboration with our clients is key for us. We need to understand as much about your business as possible to effectively drive the highest potential value from paid media.