Creative Portfolio


The visual element of FB|IG can be very effective to educate a user base about a SAAS product or other B2B products and services. Whereas targeting & keywords are a huge factor in the success of our B2B clients on both Facebook & Google, creative is a close second.

Writing Text that Matters had an interesting challenge when we started working with them. No one had heard of them, no one knew they needed them, and they had no competition. But the technology was super cool with a huge value add.

We began testing creative and messaging on a more granular basis than normal, pairing every video and image with a matrix of ad copy to A/B test. We were able to improve performance 11X from top creatives, drove a cost per registration well within the goal, and 5X’d budgets over a 3 month period of time.


Increasing Engagement through UGC

Prescrypto’s mission is to change the way doctors give prescriptions. When we first launched their Facebook & Instagram program, we did so with educational ads describing the product. This drove leads for the same cost their Google Ads campaigns had traditionally.

We then A/B tested creatives and messaging, one of which added in some very (VERY) homemade looking testimonial videos from doctors, and immediately dropped the CPL to 1/10 the cost. In addition, the cost per active user on the platform (meaning cost of engaged monthly users) dropped by 30%.