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We have noticed there is a gap between all the information out there about how to run paid media and the confidence level that small business owners have on exactly when and how to optimize their ads. Rubato Knowledge is here to close that gap and give you real, transparent, and up to date digital marketing strategies, so you feel confident about growing your business through paid marketing.

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Episode 15: Optimizing Facebook for eCommerce post iOS 14.6 Updates

Believe it or not, the media world is still facing data optimization issues with iOS 14.6. *sigh. We know. Despite all of the confusion, loss of data, and frustration that comes with it, we still have hope. 

Episode 14: ABO vs. CBO for Facebook Ads? Which Should I Use?

What is ABO? What is CBO? And which one should you use for your campaigns?

Episode 13: Setting Up & Choosing Google Audiences

Do you know how to set up your Google Audiences for maximum conversion? We are covering the two ways you can set them up and the best types of audiences for you.

Episode 12: How Rubato Learns Digital Marketing

There will always be new pieces of information you just can’t seem to get to, but there are some key ways you can stay on top of it.

Episode 11: Google Bidding – Automated vs. Manual

We are answering the question “when do I use Manual Bidding and when do I use Automated Bidding on Google Ads?”

Episode 10: Google Ads Strategy Ecommerce Business

Today we are going to be giving away our ENTIRE Google Ads strategy on eCommerce business.