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We have noticed there is a gap between all the information out there about how to run paid media and the confidence level that small business owners have on exactly when and how to optimize their ads. Rubato Knowledge is here to close that gap and give you real, transparent, and up to date digital marketing strategies, so you feel confident about growing your business through paid marketing.

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Episode 11: Google Bidding – Automated vs. Manual

We are answering the question “when do I use Manual Bidding and when do I use Automated Bidding on Google Ads?”

Episode 10: Google Ads Strategy Ecommerce Business

Today we are going to be giving away our ENTIRE Google Ads strategy on eCommerce business.

Episode 9: Customer & Competitive Analysis

We discuss what Customer & Competitive Analysis is and why it is important to your brand(s).

Episode 8: Creative Training Hero Creative

Hero ads can be frustrating, but they can also help you if you know how to use them. We can show you how.

Episode 7: Ads and Algorithm

We break down one of the two main ways to effectively bring in good ad performance.

Episode 6: Improving Your Copywriting

There are 5 key strategies we use for our clients to find the right copy for their ads.